Brother to Brother with Dr. Nate Chapman and Dr. Keelon Hinton, Title: Defining Greatness: What does to take to be great? Special Guest: Mr. Jose Bowles

September 8, 2021
Guest Bio:
Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and raised in Miami. Graduated from FIU with BS in International Relations. Always focused on business and being an entrepreneur. Jose started working at different non-profit organizations utilizing his passion for people and sales skills. He was fortunate to travel around the world helping spread the programs for these organizations. After almost ten years in non-profit, he made the switch over to the for profit side continuing to work in sales and marketing. Jose worked for multiple organizations including Miami’s Community Newspapers, Miami Marlins, Learfield/IMG and ultimately starting his own marketing firm. In 2018, CUBO Marketing was born and continues to help brands reach large audiences through digital media. Today, Jose and his wife Operate a Chick-fil-A franchise in Hialeah and he is now a real estate investor. They have a beautiful 2 year old son named Benjamin.

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